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Botanique offers unique plants and florals, home decor and up-cycled furnishings within a creative retail and design studio environment. In addition to rotating merchandise of living creations, curated finds for your home, and specialty lifestyle accessories, we offer styling for your home and life's special events, informal picnic gatherings and parties with friends and family, as well as full event coordination services.

Meet father and daughter team Bob and Olivia Macaruso:
Co-founders and Partners of Botanique.


Bob started his career as an interior designer many years ago working for a renowned international hospitality design firm. He has travelled extensively, has lived in Dubai, and has worked on a portfolio of luxury hotels, resorts, and residential projects all over the world. He's worked at a principal level at the firms he has worked for. Currently Bob continues to work as a design consultant and project manager for developers and hotel brands. He has always been fascinated with culture and context, providing him with the inspiration to narrate unique design stories for his clients.


His passion to design innovative and inspired interiors, as well as providing comprehensive design project management at a large scale has given him the tools he brings to the development of BOTANIQUE's exquisite merchandise and styled-event design services. Bob is now able to offer a personalized, one-on-one level of service and design expertise to BOTANIQUE, providing interior design service and event styling and coordination services. 


Bob is a graduate of Hall Institute in Rhode Island, receiving certification in Architectural and Interior Design Technology, where he served as an instructor in later years. 

Liv comes with a background in fashion, textiles, art and design. She's had a passion for fashion and design from a very young age, re-creating and creating her own garments and wardrobe, home decor and accessories. She has an innate ability to combine furniture, fabrics and finishes in such a way as to bring to life a multi-dimensional, layered, comfortable and sophisticated design story.  Her keen eye for design and sensitivity to textiles allows Liv to create color palettes and furnishing selections that are cleverly stitched and woven together harmoniously, creating innovative, yet classic interior spaces. Liv uses an understated, yet authentic approach to artwork and accessories, skillfully rounding out the design story she has narrated.


Liv now offers her artful perspective in all the pieces we create, curate, and event stylings that we do. Her prior experience at a high end Newport RI event venue equips her with the knowledge of the intricacies of event planning. Liv worked with a leading hospitality design firm, having worked on projects in the US, Caribbean, and the Bahamas. She also worked as an artist's assistant creating hand-made decorative wall tiles and installations. Liv is a graduate of the University of Rhode Island and received a BA  in Textiles, Fashion Merchandising and Design.

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